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Casa De Los Escudos Information

Situated in the town of Valverde de la Vera, the village was given art and historical heritage landmark in December of 1971. The house “Casa de los Escudos”, cataloged for patrimony heritage, responds clearly to the traditional arquitecture of the area. The detailed renovation was completed in 2011 and it mantains the unique arquitectural style of the original building, typical in the constructions of the Vera. With this in mind, we have conserved the distribution and dimensions of the original spaces, like that of the woodwork and significant elements of the building. All of the components that contribute to mantain the original style and character of the building have been utilized.

In the lateral facade of the house you encounter the shields of Dávila and Zúñiga which frank a sign with the inscription “Hízose del Excísimo Sr. Marqués de Astorga, siendo el administrador el licenciado D. Alejandro Pérez Bolívar: Año de 1888”. ("Built by your Excelence Mr. Marqués of Astorga, being the administrator the Graduate Mr. Alejandro Pérez Bolívar. Year of 1888")

You can access the building from the street "Calle Pedraza", you enter through an arc of stone and heavy wood door, both of which are originals of the facade. This gives passage to the hallway where the entrance to the ground floor apartment and the stairs to the first floor are located.

The ground floor apartment we have named Dávila and the first floor apartment Zúñiga, with respect to the last names, that correspond with the noble shields in the facade of the street "Calle Alejandro Pérez Bolivar"

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